3 Rules for Clearing Up Acne

Many people say that acne isn’t a big deal, that it is just puberty and that it will go away.  That is a load of crap.  Yes, maybe puberty can cause a pimple or two.  But not full blown acne.  Acne is a sign that there is something wrong inside.  This is usually a nutrient deficiency, poor gut bacteria, and chronic inflammation.  I suffered with acne for a huge chunk of my life.  From around 14 to 20 I had a face that just never seemed to be clear.  After trying all sorts of creams and pills that didn’t work, I took it into my own hands to clear up my skin.  I incorporated the tips I lay out in this article, and I’m happy to say that I am now acne free.  I still may get the occasional pimple, but 95% of the time there isn’t one on my face.

Below are three things you must consider on your journey of dealing with acne.  They are not everything you can do, but just some examples of ones I used personally to help my acne.

1. Diet!!!

I don’t care what anyone says.  99% of people I see with acne (and this included myself) eat like junk.  Even if it is a few times a week.  Eating bad foods will make you sick, and if you are susceptible to acne, it will break you out.  It destroys your gut and that is where 80% of your immune system resides.  If your gut is sick, you get sick, and it will cause acne. It is also important to note that nutrient deficiency can lead to acne as well.  Below are some foods to avoid and foods to eat:

Don’t Eat:

Sugar:  Sugar is acidic, inflammatory, and feeds bad bacteria in the body.  Cut your sugar and you’ll lose the pimples.

Gluten:  Gluten is not something the body can fully digest.  This leads to it causing the growth of bad bacteria, as well as disrupting the absorption of vital nutrients.

Bad Fats:  Eating too many omega 6 fatty acids will cause inflammation, and contribute to acne.  Eating any fat that has been damaged by high heat (frying foods, or even just cooking in a pan on high heat) will also lead to inflammation and more acne.

Eat These:

Pre/Probiotics:  Prebiotic foods are high in fiber that feeds and supports good gut bacteria.  Probiotics actually contain healthy gut bacteria.  Eat these two foods, and it will heal your gut, strengthen your immune system, and heal your acne.

Anti-inflammatory foods:  Dark leafy vegetables, cruciferous, and certain roots like turmeric are all incredible for beating acne.  They get rid of bad bacteria, fight free radicals, and reduce inflammation all over the body.  This leads to a healthier immune system, less overall inflammation, and clearer skin.

Vitamins A, D, and Zinc:  All of these micronutrients when deficiency are associated with increased acne, so make sure you get enough!

2. Stress

Stressing can cause literally any chronic disease to be triggered and acne is no exception.  Stress ruins gut bacteria, lowers immune system function, ruins your hormones, increases inflammation, and just about anything bad you can think of.  This is why when you are stressed your face breaks out.  Look up some articles, or read some books on how to manage stress, and how to be more relaxed.  If you learn to manage stress better, you may just clear up your skin, along with clearing up other troubles in your life as well.

3. No Creams and No Pills!

Creams and pills are the worst things you can do.  They are a temporary fix and will not solve the root of your acne issues.  The doctors give you antibiotics, and your acne will clear up.  Then your body gets used to it and it come back.  Then you need to keep switching up the medications for years, with no end in sight.  During that time you are ruining your own gut bacteria which is usually a cause for the acne in the first place,a s well as causing toxicity in your body.  The creams just dry out and burn you skin.  That is why even though when you use the cream and it gets rid of pimples, they always come back.  You are constantly getting rid of pimples but not preventing new ones.

So there you have it.  Get your diet right, get rid of stress, and don’t waste your money on dangerous pills and creams.  If you takes these steps you will surely be on your way to clearing up your acne for good.  I did it, which is proof that anyone can.

*Note: Always consult a medical professional.  I am not a doctor.  This article is solely based on my own experiences and I am not telling you to do anything.  If you try these tips you are doing so at your own risk.


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