First ‘Powerlifting Meet’ Recap

This past Friday (April 28) I had the opportunity to compete in a powerlifting meet hosted by my school’s Strength Club. It was nice because they went by all the USAPL (USA Powerlifting) rules, but it wasn’t an official competition so it was much more relaxed. While the actual meet was the main part, my whole meet ‘journey’ consisted of three parts: Prep, day of, and the actual meet. And before I go into all the details, I just wanted to give a shoutout to Mike who guided me through literally everything; from nutrition tips to training schedules to weights for each lift during the meet…EVERYTHING.


About 5 weeks ago, I burned myself out pulling a deadlift PR. Because of that, Mike had me greatly reduce the weight I was training with, and work on high volume/high reps instead (this was for my training in general, not particularly with the meet in mind). I was always planning on competing in the meet, but they didn’t choose a date until a few weeks ago – which means no time to peak. So instead, I went into the meet with the mindset of doing it for experience, and not trying to max out.

I stuck with light weight/high volume training leading up to the meet. The week of, I trained full body on Monday and Wednesday (the meet was Friday) and went a little bit heavier than usual, but I was still hitting about 10 reps for my working sets as much as I could. However, training full body was so much better for me because I could practice all three events (plus accessories) and still get a good amount of time for my body to recover.

My diet was super iffy (compared to usual) the past few weeks from birthdays and events, but I managed to improve it a little bit the week of the meet so I was getting enough energy and nutrients to help recovery so I wasn’t exhausted on meet day. I was definitely not getting nearly as much sleep as usual for me (pretty much had a cup of coffee everyday that week and I usually don’t drink any coffee at all), but that was just something I had to push through with all the extracurricular events and schoolwork I had.

Day Of

Since I’m not accustomed to drinking coffee in general, I didn’t want to drink it too many days in a row if I feel like I didn’t need it, so I held off on the coffee on meet day. I fasted until about 4 PM when Mike got to campus and we grabbed some ‘power bowls’ from California Pizza Kitchen. I had one consisting of quinoa, grilled chicken, and fresh vegetables. I wasn’t full after the meal but I had enough in my stomach to feel like I could go lift some weights. We did end up picking up some Americanos from Whole Foods on the way back to campus, and unfortunately I managed to spill half of my iced Americano everywhere.

Since I had done full body on Wednesday and completely taken Thursday off from lifting, my body felt refreshed and recovered (no soreness, fatigue, or anything like that).


Since there isn’t actually much to say about the meet (since it was just going in to do my 9 attempts), I’ll list my warm-up/attempt numbers below:

Squat –
Warm-Up: 5 reps @ 45 lb (bar), 3 reps @ 85 lb, 2 sets of 1 rep @ 95 lb

1st attempt: 115 lb (good lift)
2nd attempt: 135 lb (good lift)
3rd attempt: 140 lb (good lift, PR)

Bench –
Warm-Up: 3 reps @ 45 lb (bar), 1 rep @ 45 lb (bar)

1st attempt: 55 lb (good lift)
2nd attempt: 65 lb (good lift)
3rd attempt: 70 lb (good lift, PR)

Deadlift –
Warm-Up: 5 reps @ 95 lb, 3 sets of 1 rep @ 135 lb

1st attempt: 160 lb (good lift)
2nd attempt: 185 lb (good lift)
3rd attempt: 190 lb (good lift, hands were uneven so it was harder)

Total: 400 lb
Body Weight: 97.0 lb
Wilks Score: 255.48


Overall, I’m so happy with the results from the meet. I went 9/9 on my lifts, hit two PRs, and didn’t hit a single max (all 9 lifts went up EASY). Everyone there was so amazingly friendly and encouraging during and between everyone’s lifts. I can’t wait to do it again next semester, and maybe even go for strength instead of just experience.


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