Experiencing My Second Fast

Fasting is an amazing practice.  It has been used for thousands of years for so many reasons from healing to spiritual strengthening.  As a result I have been intermittent fasting daily for about a year, and have now done two longer fasts.  The first one was for about 60 hours, and this past one was about 42.  I would like to take a look at my most recent fast, and how I felt during and after.

The first 14-ish hours of the fast was just like a normal day to me since I always fast for about 14-16 hours because of my intermittent fasting practice.  But when the time came that I usually eat and I didn’t, something weird happened.  My mind went crazy.  Not super psycho crazy, but it was just racing.  Thought after thought kept running through my mind, and mostly depressing ones.  I’m not going to discuss the exact thoughts themselves, but just note that they were very self critical, and I was in a battle to say that they were wrong about who I am.  This continued for almost six hours and it was pretty brutal.  The interesting part was that I wasn’t hungry at all.  I wasn’t even really tempted to eat.  It was simply a mental battle.

After that six hour battle something incredible happened.  It stopped.  It got quiet.  The thoughts went away, and my mind was finally silent.  There was no more racing thoughts beating me down, and I got this feeling of peace.  It was a high, but without the loss of physical things like depth perception, and balance.

The next morning I expected to be super energized because I got that feeling the first time I did a long fast, but this did not happen.  I didn’t feel tired, but I was clearly depleted.  My guess was that this was because I used up so much energy the day before battling the thoughts.  Luckily in the morning, I felt at peace and the thoughts never came back.  At around 42 hours I decided it was time to eat.  I believe that this fast had served its purpose and that it was time to refuel.

I decided to have multiple small meals to get my body used to digesting food again.  This next part was awesome.  For my first meal all I had was a small bowl of broth, and within minutes I felt a rush.  With every meal after that and even into the next day (where I was having full meals) every meal gave me a rush of energy.  Now eating has not been making me tired since I eat very clean, but I have not gotten a rush of energy like this from eating in a very long time.

This fast was a much different experience than the first.  The first I simply fasted, and by the last day I just felt kind of light, at peace, and ready to refuel.  This time was very different in the fact that I was able to calm my mind, and regain the ability to actually feel the rush of energy from the food I’m eating.  I have heard numerous times that every fast is different and will help you in different ways and this one proved that to me.  I will be doing one again in the upcoming months and I look forward to the battle, or the peace this next fast will bring me.  If you are curious about fasting or are scared to do it I recommend you give it a try.  It may be hard, and may challenge who you are, but in the end it will make you healthier and stronger.

*Note I am not a doctor and am not telling you to do anything.  This blog is simply a representation of my life experience.  Always consult your doctor before trying anything.


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