Coffee: To Drink or Not to Drink

Coffee has been a staple for many people in the morning for a very long time.  Today, there are many debates about if coffee is actually okay to be drinking or not.  Some swear by it, while others say it will make you feel awful and kill you.  As someone who has experienced both sides, here is my final verdict:

Whether or not coffee is good or bad is determined by how you use it.  First, I will talk about when coffee is bad.  If you NEED coffee in the morning, then it is terrible for you!  If you are someone who puts the Instagram posts up about how we should leave you alone before you have your coffee, that coffee is the only thing you look forward to in the morning, or that you need it to get through work, then coffee is doing you harm.  This is because you have ruined your body’s ability to wake itself up, and you have become reliant on the coffee to do it for you.  Your adrenals are not doing their jobs, and are probably burnt out from the over-consumption of the caffeine.  You are now not using coffee as a tool, but rather you are relying on it.  To put it straight forward…you have an addiction.  If this is you, then you need to stop drinking coffee until you reset your body,  can wake up energized, and get through the day on your own.  Here is what I recommend you do:  Step one would be to stop drinking coffee for a few weeks.  This will be hard because you are relying on it, and are addicted to it.  After a few weeks you will feel better and will be able to wake up on your own.  You will probably also notice that you have more energy than you did when you used to drink coffee since you were using it wrong.  Step two is to add coffee back in, but only consume it a few hours after you’ve woken up.  This way the coffee gives you the amazing effects it has to offer, but doesn’t ruin your body’s natural process of waking itself up.  You should also only have a few cups instead of an entire pot.  This way you get the benefits without burning yourself out by overstimulating yourself, and you don’t become reliant on it like you were before.

Now we can discuss how coffee can be good.  If you don’t rely on it to wake up and get through the day, and you have a few cups instead of an entire pot, coffee can be an amazing aid.  From a performance standpoint, it can give you extra energy and focus to kick ass at whatever you are doing.  It has numerous health benefits that include decreased risk of death and diseases like type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.  It can also help you if you do intermittent fasting like myself, as it is a great appetite suppressant, and won’t trigger a response that will ruin your fast.

It should also be noted that you should drink some fresh, high quality, organic coffee instead of some cheap brand.  Good coffee makes you feel like superman (or woman), while bad coffee will make you crash, give you a headache, make you jittery, make you pee like crazy, and make you sick!

So if you enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning, it is absolutely okay.  I just recommend not having it when you first wake up.  Wait a few hours before your first cup.  This way you are not relying on it to wake up, rather you are using it to supercharge yourself for health and performance.  Also, don’t overdo it.  Have a few small cups for the benefits, not 10 cups like many seem to do.  Use coffee as a tool for an amazing life, but do not rely on it.

*Note I am not a doctor and am not telling you to do anything.  This blog is simply a representation of my life experience.  Always consult your doctor before trying anything.



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