Loaded Sunny Side Up Eggs – Recipe

If you’re like me and love omelettes, then this recipe is perfect for you. When you cook egg yolks, it can damage some of the fats and the valuable nutrients they contain. Because of that, I do my best to avoid omelettes and scrambled eggs now. However, this recipe combines both omelettes and sunny-side-up eggs so you get the best of both worlds – and all of the health benefits as well! I got this idea from my brother, and was able to customize it to my health preferences.

It’s quite simple, but it definitely does take a little bit of time and practice.

1. Decide on what you want in the eggs. I typically use broccoli and Bilinski’s Sausages (they’re free range, organic, and have clean ingredients). But today I switched it up and used organic, uncured pork bacon and it was just as good! I usually roast my broccoli and heat up/cook my protein before putting it in the eggs.


2. Crack open an egg and separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Put your egg yolk aside for now.


3. Mix in your fillings. If you want the egg white more fluffy, also do a little whisking.


4. Pour the egg white mixture into the pan and cover it. It’s helpful to create a little dent for the egg yolk to go into later on. Like anything you cook over the stove, the eggs should be cooked on low heat – nice and slow.


5. Once the egg white “omelette” portion is almost all cooked (about 3/4 of the way there), plop the egg yolk on top/in the dent so it can slightly cook into the egg white portion without cooking the egg yolk.


6. Once it has been cooked to you’re liking, you’re all done! I usually eat 3 in a meal, so I repeat all that 2 more times. You can also do one giant omelette instead (it definitely saves time, and if you don’t have one of these mini 1-egg pans, it’s probably the better way to go).


I hope you guys find this recipe helpful and decide to try it out! It’s definitely a better alternative to an omelette, plus who doesn’t love runny yolk?


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