Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are no joke, and while I have not personally had one myself, I’ve seen and talked with people who have. So when someone brought Orthorexia Nervosa up to me, I looked it up, and figured I’d talk a little bit about it. For those of you who haven’t heard of Orthorexia Nervosa, here’s […]

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Sexy and Sick

All over social media I see fitness models and fitness “gurus” taking pictures of themselves flexing their abs while holding junk food.  Now if they want to do this, I don’t care.  It is their life and they can do what they want.  The issue I have is that it is very misleading to the […]

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What Is Your Bloating Telling You?

There are a lot of health and fitness personalities that say bloating is totally ‘normal’ or ‘natural’. In fact, I see a lot of “30-second before and after” photos talking about how it’s totally okay to be bloated and not everyone can be lean all the time. And while bloating is technically a ‘natural’ reaction […]

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